Superheroes in Landcaping, Hardware, & Hire

Captain Hardware is a superhero with a difference. Every type of nut, bolt, or nail is at this guy's command. King of washers, tools, pipes, angles, wire, chemicals, glues, fixtures, fittings and fasteners, Captain Hardware knows how make short work of your DIY project. He is often seen with his trusty side-kick,
Landscape Girl in tow, together they make a truly formidable home-transformation team!




Side-kick to Captain Hardware, but second-fiddle to no-one, Landscape Girl packs a powerful home-improvement punch to outdoor living spaces. With sand, soil, gravel, mulchbarks, pebbles, timber, cement and bases, Landscape Girl breaks ground, literally!

Garden Guru. Imagine a Horticultural Gandalf. You're welcome.




Operating the Steve Jones truck dispatch, Dr. Dispatch is often far too busy to blog. However, from time to time, a new truck will be added to the fleet or changes made to delivery procedures that are blog-worthy. Until that time he will continue applying his precision delivery-processing powers, keeping the Steve Jones fleet of trucks on track.








Our resident Hire Hero, everyone's favourite, operates on the motto “You can do it!” Every tool or machine you might need as a once off to complete your project he has in the shed. Happy to help, Hire hero offers friendly advice and handy hints on how to get your job done right.








Merchman is the go-to man for all product enquiries. He knows what's what, what's where and what's coming soon! Simply unbeatable for product knowledge, Merchman is continuously upgrading the Steve Jones range. Stocking and re-stocking mercilessly, armed with his label-maker and clipboard, Merchman spends his days annihilating empty shelf spaces -good luck to any that cross his path!






Mr Masonry, also affectionately named the Amazing Block, is a veritable trove when it comes to pavers, blocks and bricks. Mr Masonry loves concrete, but he also smashes out clay, sandstone, granite, basalt and limestone! He can easily make paving or block calculations, visually identify mystery masonry forms for the best match and recommend the most suitable paver, brick or block for your block!     



Who's your favourite?