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Rocky Point Mulching

You might have seen them on TV: Rocky Point Mulching are Australia’s only family-owned and operated Sugar Cane Farm and Sugar Cane Mulch processing plant, they are kinda famous around here. Rocky Point Mulching supply quality organic sugar cane mulch and a range of premium composts, potting mixes, & growing media which have earned a reputation in the gardening world. They really know what they are doing & the grow testing results speak for themselves. We are proud to stock the entire range of pre-bagged growing media & potting mixes from Rocky Point Mulching, including sugar cane, lucerne, tea tree & pea straw mulch, premium potting mix, coco pro & active 8 soil improver.          

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Active Grow Soil Improver
Organic, pre-packaged soil improver Suitable for conta..
Ex Tax: $13.18
Coco Pro 30L
High quality, versatile potting mix Super premium ..
Ex Tax: $11.50
Optilawn 30L
Pre-packaged top dressing soil Suitable for top d..
Ex Tax: $9.44
Organic, pre-packaged garden soil Suitable for garden ..
Ex Tax: $7.14
Premium Potting Mix 60L
Pre-packaged premium potting mix 60L Suitable for cont..
Ex Tax: $14.82
Sugar Cane Wrapped Bales
Fine sugar cane straw Weed suppressant lay at 10cm ..
Ex Tax: $13.45
Tea Tree Mulch Wrapped Bag
Tea Tree mulch Weed suppressant lay at 10cm Po..
Ex Tax: $13.76
Pea Straw Mulch Wrapped Bales
Fine organic pea straw mulch Weed suppressant lay at 1..
Ex Tax: $18.59
Lucerne Mulch Wrapped Bales
Fine lucerne mulch Weed suppressant lay at 10cm ..
Ex Tax: $19.95
Coloured Mulch 50L
Coloured mulch in 50L bags Weed suppressant lay at 10c..
Ex Tax: $9.45
Organic Cow Manure 30L
Composted cow manure Mix with the soil to add valuable..
Ex Tax: $7.77
Terra Firma Blood & Bone 25kg
Includes carbon-rich, fully-composted chicken manure which ..
Ex Tax: $46.45