Lawn Weeder

Lawn Weeder

Brand: Searles
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  • Blend of 3 high quality active herbicides
  • Controls Bindii, Clover, Chickweed, Creeping Oxalis, Cudweed, Dock, Dandelions, Flateweed, Fleabane, Lamb’s Tongue, Sowthistle, Mullumbimby Couch, Suitable for Couch, Qld Blue Couch, Carpet, Buffalo*, Kikuyu, Fescue & Saltene Lawns
  • Contains active constituents: 192g/L BENTAZONE present as the sodium salt, 112g/L MCPA present as dimethylamine salt, 19g/L DICAMBA present as dimethylamine salt
  • 200ml bottle covers 100m2
  • 500ml bottle covers 250m2
  • * Buffalo Grass may show some browning from spray. Spot spray to test effect of spray prior to application

Health Warning:
This product is poisonous if inhaled or swallowed. Avoid contact with eyes and skin. Do not inhale spray mist. Keep out of reach of children. Read safety instructions before opening or using.

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