Podium Mix Soil
Podium Mix Soil Podium Mix Soil Podium Mix Soil Podium Mix Soil

Podium Mix Soil

$124.20 (m3)
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m3 required 
  • Ideal for most forms of large container gardening such as raised garden beds, rooftop and balcony gardens  
  • High proportion of horticultural ash for improved soil structure over time 
  • Conforms to Australian Standard 4419
  • Weed & nutgrass free
  • 25% high nutrient organic compost
  • Complete soil – ready to plant
  • Available in whole fractions of 0.25 and 0.33m3
  • Enter the amount you require to 2 decimal places - the cart will automatically round up to the nearest fraction  

Health Warning:
Garden soils contain micro organisms that may be harmful to your health. Always wear gloves, keep damp while in use, avoid inhaling the mix and wash your hands after use.

This is a natural product, and variations and inconsistencies in size, colour and shape will occur.
Photographs are for illustration purposes and to be used as an indication only.

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