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Last year, we visited our soil manufacturer, Candy Soil to check out the soil manufacturing process and see how some of our most popular soils are made. We witnessed composting, so much composting! The machine that turns the rows of compost looks like something from the future, and the rotary screens that sort the compost were pretty awesome too. We got right up close to the raw ingredients that make up the soils, including foundry sand, horticultural ash, and of course agricultural compost; it was surprisingly crisp and clean, everything smelt good- earthy, but okay! Another highlight for u..
Sealing masonry & stone pavers protects them from staining & fading, makes cleaning easier, & extends their life. We have raved about sealing pavers before. We are pretty much always recommending it. But did you know that you can use a sealer to change the appearance of your pavers? Some sealers leave the appearance of the pavers unchanged. But there are sealers that give a "wet-look" or gloss appearance. They can be used to darken the colour of pavers, for example, making charcoal pavers more jet black. There are others which achieve a highlighting of certain colours, they..
Finally, the grass is growing again, the flowers are blooming, the birds are singing... OK, OK, I'll calm down.  But not before some crazy Spring specials!  Speaking of Spring, how's your lawn? If you need a bit of inspiration, check out our short video about top dressing. In other exciting news, if you have a swimming pool, we now offer free water testing and advice in store at Everton Hills. With our upgraded pool section, we now have everything you need to keep your pool crystal clear, year round.   ... and fo..
When I see bare earth garden beds I cringe for the plants! Not only is that beautiful top layer of soil exposed to erosion and direct heat from the sun, but weeds are given free run. It really doesn’t matter what material is used to cover the soil as long as it allows water through, allows the soil to “breathe” (worms to poke their heads out at night time) and is preferably organic. Some people use pebbles as mulch – this can work for water retention and weed suppression; however, organic mulch will break down providing added nutrient for the soil. For this reason, shredded bark and tree mulch..
As you can see we have all been too busy to blog since last year, what a year it has been! Lots of great projects accomplished in Brisbane this year, we are so very glad to have been part of them with you. From the weekend warriors re-turfing their backyards ready for this great summer we are enjoying, to the last minute commercial jobs: ready in time for Christmas please, in the city, on a rooftop… no worries!  All this racing around has encouraged us to make some really positive changes, you might have noticed already, we have re-branded our trucks and even traded up a few to newer high..
With the beautiful weather at the moment, it would be a real shame for the kids to waste their school holidays in front of the Wii/Playstation/Computer/Mobile/Tablet! If your kids are anything like mine, it can be a real struggle to get them away from these devices, but when they do they have a great time. Some ideas to get the kids out of the house and enjoying their holidays – because you know, “yolo”.   1. Get them into the pool! So I know its been winter, and your pool chemical levels might be out of wack and there might be a massive pile of leaves at the bottom, but it's only g..
Winter has been tough on a lot of Brisbane lawns this year. Even my lawn has dry patches and yellowing, and while I've enjoyed the break from mowing over these cooler months – I think it is time to get the lawn back to Garden Guru standards! Spring is just around the corner and we are lucky to have this beautiful rain this weekend, a great time to get out and fertilise. Most lawn fertilisers require “wetting in” and it is especially important for stressed lawns.     So which fertiliser to choose? There are a few considerations.   Organic or Chemical? Chemical f..
So its still lovely cool weather and while we can look forward to all wrestling with the gardens come spring and summer, now is a great time to focus on more structural improvements, that we might not get a chance to address once the weather warms up again. Retaining walls are a great way to add formal structure to a landscape and to maximise usable space. Adding or improving retaining walls can be a big job, but the cooler weather will certainly help, and its definitely worth the effort! There's a huge range of different types of retaining wall options, including timber sleepers and..
We are very excited to announce the addition of a new crane truck to our truck fleet: for delivery of blocks, pavers, bricks and bulk-a-bags! Currently operating Monday to Friday, the new crane will allow on-time, same or next-day delivery South-East Queensland-wide. Like the rest of the Steve Jones fleet, the crane truck will be driven by an exceptional truck driver and will be tracked at all times with GPS. The crane is able to carry 10 pallets or 12 tonnes, with 8m reach. Checkout the specs & load limits of all our trucks here. We look forward to offering you more contr..