Edenstone Masonry: Style, Endurance, Quality

Edenstone Masonry

We proudly supply Edenstone Masonry’s quality stylish, practical pavers. We stock a large range of Edenstone Masonry’s most popular concrete pavers & stepping stones. We have the entire range of Edenstone pavers on display. Orders of Edenstone Masonry are typically available for delivery or collection within a week, approximate product availability is listed within each product.

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Edenstone Masonry Rustic cobbles, 100x100x40mm, 100 pieces p..
Ex Tax: $0.95
Edenstone Masonry Heavily textured, dome shaped paver  ..
Ex Tax: $21.36
Edenstone Masonry Smooth, lightly textured With rough side..
Ex Tax: $19.91
Edenstone Masonry 400x400x40mm: 6.25 pieces per m2 Texture..
Ex Tax: $7.14
Edenstone Masonry Rustic imitation timber paver ..
Ex Tax: $12.23
Edenstone Masonry Textured pavers with rustic finish Pool ..
$70.35 (m2)($16.95 per Unit)
Ex Tax: $15.41