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We have the full range of Custom Paving Custom Stone concrete pavers on display. We are unable to hold the entire range in stock. Orders of Custompave are typically available for delivery or collection within a week, approximate product availability is listed within each product description.

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Sandstone Bullnose
Custompave bullnose Sandstone textured finish Available in..
Ex Tax: $6.38
Sandstone Double Bullnose
Custompave double bullnose Sandstone textured finish Avail..
Ex Tax: $11.48
Sandstone Paver
Custompave Sandstone textured finish Available in 9 p..
Ex Tax: $7.95
Silkstone Bullnose
Custompave bullnose Subtle, smooth, fine sand finish Avail..
Ex Tax: $6.38
Silkstone Paver
Custompave, Subtle, smooth, fine sand finish, Also availab..
Ex Tax: $8.35
Slate Paver
Custompave Very textured finish Available in 9 popula..
Ex Tax: $7.95