As you can see we have all been too busy to blog since last year, what a year it has been! Lots of great projects accomplished in Brisbane this year, we are so very glad to have been part of them with you. From the weekend warriors re-turfing their backyards ready for this great summer we are enjoying, to the last minute commercial jobs: ready in time for Christmas please, in the city, on a rooftop… no worries!  All this racing around has encouraged us to make some really positive changes, you might have noticed already, we have re-branded our trucks and even traded up a few to newer higher capacity models. We have a truck now with specific racking for easy steel mesh and bar deliveries. We have introduced new products such as red cypress bark mulch, 20mm urban mix pebbles and synthetic turf options. We are now stocking the entire range of growing media by Rocky Point Mulching – these products have quickly gained popularity and have a little bit of a cult following just quietly! Check out their facebook page for the grow-test results.  

We are looking forward to continuing this trend of improving our service to you in 2016: there’s going to be some huge changes in the landscape yard (mammoth racking to start!) which will involve a large product clearance (keep an eye out on what we are clearing for bargains)… even the website will be getting a face lift… but that is a story for after Christmas! Please feel free to leave us feedback on anything you’ve seen that we can improve upon, any time in the year! For now, from all of us here at Steve Jones Hardware and Landscaping, have a great Christmas and New Year!      

Merchman Posted by Merchman

Merchman is the go-to man for all product enquiries. He knows what's what, what's where and what's coming soon! Simply unbeatable for product knowledge, Merchman is continuously upgrading the Steve Jones range. Stocking and re-stocking mercilessly, armed with his label-maker and clipboard, Merchman spends his days annihilating empty shelf spaces -good luck to any that cross his path!