Sealing masonry & stone pavers protects them from staining & fading, makes cleaning easier, & extends their life. We have raved about sealing pavers before. We are pretty much always recommending it. But did you know that you can use a sealer to change the appearance of your pavers?

Some sealers leave the appearance of the pavers unchanged. But there are sealers that give a "wet-look" or gloss appearance. They can be used to darken the colour of pavers, for example, making charcoal pavers more jet black.

There are others which achieve a highlighting of certain colours, they have a dramatic effect on the natural colour variations present in sandstone, for example.

Check out this sample paver we have sealed with 4 different sealers. The Synergy and Tuscan leave a "natural finish," with the paver colour unchanged. The Highlight and Endure really darken the colour, with varied gloss levels.

These effects will last while the sealer is effective, and reapplication may need to occur every couple of years depending on the wear on the area.

Feel free to contact us if you need to know how sealing will effect the appearance of your pavers. Otherwise, have fun & get inspired: jet black is definitely an attainable option!   

Mr Masonry Posted by Mr Masonry

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