So its still lovely cool weather and while we can look forward to all wrestling with the gardens come spring and summer, now is a great time to focus on more structural improvements, that we might not get a chance to address once the weather warms up again. Retaining walls are a great way to add formal structure to a landscape and to maximise usable space. Adding or improving retaining walls can be a big job, but the cooler weather will certainly help, and its definitely worth the effort! There's a huge range of different types of retaining wall options, including timber sleepers and concrete sleepers(which require holes to be dug for posts to be set in concrete), DIY stack blocks (which once you have the first course in and level, just stack like Lego), natural stone options (which may require machines to install but look fantastic), to the more serious, crane-installed super-structural blocks that can radically transform a landscape practically overnight. No matter which option you chose, a level base is the best bet for success (depending on the retaining wall you choose, this can be made from road baseconcrete, or in some cases compacted earth), and correct drainage behind (ideally biddum100mm socked ag pipe and 20mm drainage gravel); a string line and level will be needed, and a can-do mindset! Bear in mind some council restrictions may apply, especially near your boundary or over 1m height (these vary in Brisbane and Moreton regions). We have how to guides here and here. In the meantime, some pictures for inspiration.   

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