With the beautiful weather at the moment, it would be a real shame for the kids to waste their school holidays in front of the Wii/Playstation/Computer/Mobile/Tablet! If your kids are anything like mine, it can be a real struggle to get them away from these devices, but when they do they have a great time. Some ideas to get the kids out of the house and enjoying their holidays – because you know, “yolo”.


1. Get them into the pool! So I know its been winter, and your pool chemical levels might be out of wack and there might be a massive pile of leaves at the bottom, but it's only going to get worse as the weather warms up, so get on top of that ASAP if you can. We have superfine ultrapure pool salt that can help make this job easier. Unlike some other pool salt, being ultra pure, it won't mess with your chemical/nutrient levels. Offer the kids some extra pocket money to help you clean out the leaves, 2 birds with one stone! Don't have a pool? Hijack a mate's! Just be sure to bring some snags/beer/pool salt to compensate for the invasion, and your own towels.


2. Build/Renovate a cubby house. So much fun, so much nostalgia. We have all the gear you'll need from the timber and fixings to the post mix. And don't forget to add some Softfall underneath if it is a tree-cubby.


3. Make a fairy garden. Drill holes into timber and glue in coloured marbles (fairy windows) for the light to shine through. Add some coloured pebbles or glow in the dark chips to wet concrete to make cute stepping stones. Kids love making their mark in wet cement – just make sure they use gloves! Add some rock daisies and voila!


4. Make a checker/chess board with 2 different coloured pavers. We have some bargain pavers at the moment, so its a great time to give this project a shot. It can also double as a hopscotch or handball area.


5. Top up the sandpit. Bring the kids with you when you collect the sand, they love to see the front-end loaders loading in the landscape yard. Then they can play landscape yard in the sandpit with toy mini-diggers afterwards.


6. If all this sounds like far too much work, or if your kids are too young, grab a ball and play on the lawn. Sometimes simple fun is the best type. We have selective weed killers for Bindii or other prickles, so no excuses!


We would love to see photos of your DIY holiday adventures. What gets your kids active?

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