Baracuda Pool Chemicals: Trusted Name In Pool Care


Swimming pool maintenance chemicals by Baracuda. Pool maintenance supplies & chemicals including salt & chlorine. We offer free pool water testing in-store at Everton Hills.

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BARACUDA® Pool Algaecide provides protection against al..
Ex Tax: $18.18
BARACUDA® Buffer raises Total Alkalinity to control pH bounce. ..
Ex Tax: $17.55
Calcium Increaser
BARACUDA® Calcium Increaser increases the calcium hardness of poo..
Ex Tax: $31.09
BARACUDA® Liquid Clarifier clears cloudy water & adds extra s..
Ex Tax: $13.64
Dry Acid
BARACUDA® Dry Acid lower pH and reduces Total Alkalinity.&nb..
Ex Tax: $21.59
Phosphate Remover
BARACUDA® Phosphate remover removes nutrients to prevent alg..
Ex Tax: $38.27
Scale Control
BARACUDA® Scale Control inhibits scale formation on pool surfaces..
Ex Tax: $37.64
Soda Ash
BARACUDA® Soda Ash increases pH levels 992g/kg SODIUM CARBO..
Ex Tax: $18.32
UV Shield
BARACUDA® UV Shield protects chlorine against the sun's UV rays ..
Ex Tax: $26.27